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Section Q Nursing Facility Referral Resources

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is a federally mandated quarterly assessment administered to all nursing home residents. The MDS has questions in Section Q of the tool that can connect long-term residents with opportunities to live in the most integrated setting and assist the state in meeting its non-discrimination requirements under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Specifically, Section Q of the MDS provides a process that, if followed correctly, gives the resident a direct voice in expressing preference and gives the facility means to assist residents in locating and transitioning to the most integrated setting.

In Vermont, nursing facilities have partnered with Aging & Disabilties Resource Connections (ADRC) to make Section Q referrals for options counseling and transition assistance. The process is intended to accurately identify people in a nursing facility who wish to return to the community and assure they have been informed of their options and understand the services available to them in Vermont. People who choose to transition will be connected with the help to do so.

People in nursing facilities that believe they may not have been adequately assessed through the MDS Section Q process, or have not been given the opportunity to explore options for community living, may contact their local Long-Term Care Ombudmsan or the Division of Licensing and Protection.

Resources for Section Q Information