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Quality Management

The Adult Services Division incorporates the following elements into a multi-dimensional quality management plan that assures the delivery of high quality services, protects the rights of program participants, identifies problems as they arise and actively engages in continual program improvement.

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Vermont Global Commitment to Health - Comprehensive Quality Strategy

All Medicaid services fall within Vermont's federally approved Global Commitment to Health 1115 Waiver (GC). The Adult Services Division, in partnership with the Department for Vermont Health Access, works within the framework of the GC Comprehensive Quality Strategy.

Adult Services Division (ASD) Certification Reviews

The ASD Quality Unit is responsible for the Certification and monitoring of Case Management Services providers (Choices for Care and Older American’s Act), Adult Day Services provider and TBI providers.

Division of Licensing and Protection (DLP) Survey and Certification

The following Choices for Care provider groups are licensed or certified by DLP Survey and Certification according  regulations.

Consumer Survey

The State contracts with an external entity to perform regular participant surveys to measure quality outcomes. Outcomes are used in program management and improvement activities and contribute to the Results Scorecard. Effective 2017, a transition will be made to the National Core Indicators for Aging & Disabilities.

Complaint Tracking

ASD tracks complaints each program managed by ASD. Providers are also required to maintain an internal complaint and quality improvement process. Agency complaints are reviewed during ASD certification reviews. DAIL also has a contract with the state Long-Term Care Ombudsman for all CFC participants.

Critical Incident Reporting

Critical Incident reports are essential ways of documenting, evaluating and monitoring when something serious or severe happens to a recipients of services. The process ensures that the necessary people receive the information and is intended to assure the wellbeing of participants while identifying potential areas of correction or process improvement.

Results Scorecard

The Scorecard is an online and publicly available set of dashboards with updated data and information. The Scorecard can be used to learn about how Vermonters are doing in relation to important conditions of health and well-being and to learn about how the Agency of Human Services is contributing to doing better by improving outcomes for the people who benefit from our services, programs, resources, and support. The Results Scorecard tool is built according to Results Based Accountability™ (RBA).  

Quality Management Contacts