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Reframing Aging in Vermont

Most people, without even thinking of it, use common language to describe aging as a negative experience. Unfortunately, this language contributes to "ageism" in our culture, which is a stereotyping or discrimination of a person or group of people because of their age. This is a serious challenge in our culture and communities, manifesting in the unconscious thoughts we have, the actions we take, and in the social policies and systems we create.

Here is what Vermont is doing to begin the journey of "Reframing Aging" in Vermont:

Learning & Teaching

The Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living (DAIL) hosted the Frameworks Institute in April 2017 to teach us and our partners more about the research and science behind how we frame aging in the United States.


Let's Talk About Aging DAIL 2017

DAIL created a tool that partners can use as a quick guide to "Reframing Aging" in Vermont. The tool provides information about how language affects our thinking and provides ways to change language when talking about aging initiatives.

Practice what we Preach

DAIL is working to spread the work and imbed  "reframed" language into Vermont policy and marketing as a catalyst for change. 

More information about "Reframing Aging"