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Program Applications Managed by Adult Services Division

Adult High Technology Program

Adult High Technology services provides skilled nursing care to people age 21 and over living in home-based settings who are eligible for Vermont Medicaid and depend on medical technology to survive. Services include nursing services, coordinated treatments, medical supplies and sophisticated medical equipment. Services are provided through Designated Home Health Agencies.

Attendant Services Program

The Attendant Services Program pays for attendant care for Vermonters age 18 and over who have a severe and permanent disability and are able to direct their own care. People must meet clinical criteria and be eligible for Vermont Medicaid.

NOTE: There is currently a wait list for people who are not Medicaid eligible.

Choices for Care Program

Choices for Care provides a package of long-term services and supports to Vermonters who are age 18 years and over and need nursing home level of care. People who need nursing home level of care typically require extensive or total assistance on a daily basis with personal care. Eligible people choose where to receive their services: in their home, in their family’s home, an Adult Family Care home, Enhanced Residential Care or nursing facility. People must meet a clinical and financial eligibility for long-term care Medicaid in Vermont.

Moderate Needs Program

Moderate Needs Program: The Choices for Care program provides some limited funding to help Vermonters who need a moderate level of care to help them in their home.

Traumatic Brain Injury Program

The Traumatic Brain Injury Program provides rehabilitation and life skills services to help Vermonters with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, live successfully in community-based settings. This is a rehabilitation-based, choice-driven program intended to support individuals to achieve their optimum independence and help them return to work.

Contact your local Aging & Disabilities Resource Connection to find out more about your options.